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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Call Back from Relay Services

I am seeking for a quick assistance which relay service works the best to provide a call back message. I rely on i711 service for pretty long time but their service has been lagging lately. I rather to have text message from the relay services--not video because I spend a lot of time on the roads. There is no way for me to check video messages on my BlackBerry pager.

Please note that you don't have to use your real name/username to leave the message, use "Anonymous" instead.


Deaf Pixie said...

Hi Jeff,

I am native of Roseburg,Oregon.. smile .. Right now I lives in Seattle,WA
I have similiar problem with often dont leave my message. I am also useful with sorenson video relay to leave my message often than iprelay.. I am still struggle to set up on ip-relay service most of time. I cannot figure how to set up a message. I do remember my daughter talked on leave a message for me and they will call and hear my message.

It is little confusion for me lately. I have been thought about buy a blackberry pager instead of sidekick. Because of small town it will block me to not use sidekick page.

I have no way to set up answer machine on because it wont leave msg.. Only I use soreson relay service do have my number only than

I agree that I prefer to see better with large font.

Anonymous said...


perehaps it wld be helpful to have an automatic profile for operators to see all of our different prefernces ?

interpreter profile - in computer - is often used to know deaf consumers' preferences: SEE, ASL, Cued Speech, Oral, etc etc to match an interpreter at Mass State Commission for the Deaf and HH, for an example

hope it helps

pax mcc :)

Anonymous said...

I have an HTC TyTN and I get video messages sent to my pager. I love it! It was quite pricey, but worth it when I'm almost never at home.

Anonymous said...

You can watch CSDVRS video on mogul pager!! So cool to be able to watch missed video relay calls thru CSDVRS on pager! That why I like to use my private 800 nbr for any call backs but use HOVRS to make VP calls. If I am on road I can use Mogul pager with my laptop and use it anywhere to make video calls using envision SL. DOn't have to depend on wifi which is limited. With Mogul u can go anywhere even can setup in car put cam on mirror and people can watch you driving on camfrog so cool! heh p.s. I wasn't chatting while driving... Just FYI

Deaf Pixie said...


I agree with you about texting. Don't drive on while you texting someone.

Smile! Good Advice and warning is more important.

Cruise Trip for the Deaf - Oct 2007 said...

Ip-Relay is best. Try it!

I get text messages from hearing people. I won't give it up!

I tried i711, but not too happy with it.

Anonymous said...

ip-relay. simple and easy. i711 is next. last is sprint ip-relay.