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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Freedom of Choice: Subtitling on Vlog

-- subtitling done by ckblythe


BEG said...


But you know, it's not even about the hearies for me ;-). Plenty of deaf people don't know sign: oral mainstreamed like me (I'm learning!), or deaf from other countries (BSL and ASL, not the same!). Finally the category I find the most important: deafblind need a written version of the vlogs since they cannot see the signing...

OCDAC said...

Bravo! You said it. There could be more positive implications on making the vlogs accessible to the hearing people.

Richard Roehm

Ravenwulf said...

As a hearing ASL student I know my opinion doesn't really matter one way or another, but I wanted to say THANK YOU!

You are correct- I am not fluent enough to understand everything you said in today's post- but I did get an awful lot of it! I decided to watch without captions first, then go back and watch with them, just to see how I did. But I AM fluent enough to know that you DO have a beautiful (and expressive!) way of signing.

So on behalf of hearing students trying to learn a little more about the rest of the world, Thank You.

MM said...

I don't think it is a freedom of speech issue, it's a basic access one. we shouldn't use the old FOS argument because we are simply too lazy to put titles on, if we can't or don't want text interfering with the sign, we can put up a transcript or something then the integrity of sign is met. We seem to demand of hearing what we don't demand of ourselves. No opt outs. What is the point of making a global statemnent on the net being deaf, then not making it as accessible as you can for other deaf to follow ? Those that cannot do english text, can, utilise the free offers some have given them to do the text for them.