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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Bowling...Did I break the rule?

Which score would you rather have, 257 or 280?


special said...

This is called Deliberate Foul under chapter 2, rule 5b in USBC playing rules book. Yu will be credited with zero pinfall cuz u steppe on the foul line AND you will not allowed to bowl further in that frame. Your score would be 240!!!

98th said...

heh 257 or 280? how about 240 :) now u're better off not stepping on the foul line. Since u signed scorecard, I wonder if that will get u disq? so how does ZERO sound for the entire 3 games :)

NavyBeagle said...

I want to thank you for your comment although it has not happend to me. My best Bowling game was 257. Here is a copy and paste from the NFHS Bowling Rule Book. I believe this applies to the ABC or USBC as well.

Art. 7b - Deliberate Foul
When a player deliberately fouls to benefit by the calling of a foul, the player shall be credited with zero pinfall for that delivery and not allowed further deliveries in that frame. If questions arise, Article 12, Provisional Ball, should be followed.

Art. 12 - Provisional Ball
A provisional ball or frame shall be bowled when a protest involving a foul, legal pinfall or a dead ball is made and cannot be resolved. The following procedures apply when a dispute occurs:
a. For the first ball of any frame, or after the second ball in the tenth frame if the first ball was a strike:
1. Foul: The player shall complete the frame and then bowl one provisional ball at a full setup of pins.
2. Illegal Pinfall: The player shall complete the frame and then bowl one provisional ball at the same setup which would have remained standing had the disputed pin(s) not have fallen.
3. Dead Ball: The player shall complete the frame and then bowl a complete provisional frame.
b. On a spare attempt or the third ball of the tenth frame:
1. Foul and Illegal Pinfall: No provisional ball is necessary.
2. Dead Ball: A provisional ball shall be bowled at the same setup, which was standing when the disputed ball was bowled.
The scoresheet and a record of both scores for the frame, which the provisional delivery was made, shall be kept. The protest must be referred to the Competition Manager/Games Committee for a final decision.