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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is McDaniel College the Right Choice for Graduate School Student?

I would like for you to share your experiences about McDaniel College (formerly known as WMC) for graduate school. Feel free to comment in either ASL or typing. Thanks.


Jana Bielfeldt said...

Have you considered Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas?

Anonymous said...

Gallaudet's Buff and Blue newspaper has an article out comparing Gallaudet's deaf education program with McDaniel. It should be out sometime this week. Be on the lookout for it!

NavyBeagle said...

Jeff here...

I have never heard of Lamar University. I have not considered about this. Thanks for bringing this one up.

Would you please copy and paste about comparing Gallaudet's Deaf Education program with McDaniel once you receive? It would be helpful.

Anonymous said...

I was a student at WMC during 90s. Very good program for the future teachers. I believe my time all of professors use ASL, and they were good. I went there during summer times only due to my full time job as dorm counselor. We, the students, often got together to study or had some discussions over issues. The professors were friendly, I was able to ask them for help. I did not have any bad experience or regret of going there. Hope that help some.


Anonymous said...


Westminster used to be town of nowhere but it is growing FAST and getting bigger.

VERY IDEAL place for your dog. Lot of place to play, vet, stores, and etc nearby.

Cost of life - Rentals possible range from $750 - 2500 monthly. Depend on finding roommate or what you decide.

I dont know about deaf people who going to McDaniel but you always can go to Frederick where LOT of deaf people are at ( Maryland School for the Deaf)

There is fishing place here where it is consider top number 5 lake for fishing in TRI state - Piney Run Lake and it is about 15 mins south of Westminster.

I would suggest you try talk with David Martin - He know lot about McDaniel College from what I heard.

Good luck!

jwomick said...

really i don't know nothing about WMC i am not from west side, so i am east coast (SOUTH CAROLINA) mostly i know about deaf colleges and U. (Gallaudent, NTID/RIT, SWCID not sure right spell it's in texas i heard they have good programs for deaf people...... that's all i know) but in south carolina have some tech colleges get deaf programs for example my home town near STC (SPARTANBURG TECH COLLEGE) they have good program for deaf people who rather stay in state near home for some reason. that's all i can tell what i can. keep up with ur videoclips!

by the way WHAT'S HAPPENED TO UR GOATEE GONE?! hahahaha i still have goatee.

Joshua "Vampbat" Womick

TJG said...

McDaniel College has a teacher's program as well as Deaf Education program, which includes bilingual approaches. Deaf education program has all classes with ASL, not interpreted. Also, it's more practical, for example, you as a student are engaged in activities instead of listening to lectures, which are sometimes necessary.

I wish you all the best to consider McDaniel College as well as Lamar Univ. in TX. I have heard that Lamar Univ. has a very good program for deaf education. I have a friend who went there. If you want to ask him questions, I will be happy to give you his email addy. Just pls let me know.

David A. Martin said...

See my response.


NavyBeagle said...

Jeff here again...

I am on the break between the classes at U.O.

Thanks for the comments so far! I really appreciate about your experiences. I rather to attend WMC during the Summer x 4. The problem is that University of Oregon and local schools usually end their school year on the third week of June. The University students come back for the Fall Term on the last week of September. But, for Deaf schools inclduing Oregon S.D. and Washington S.D. usually open their school year a day after Labor Day.

It would be hard to attend McDaniel College during the Summer because I believe that McDaniel starts summer school in early June. That overlaps with Deaf school's calendar year.

I am going to have my goatee back! That would be ten years from now (that's when I would have FULL white beard) and I don't want to have mixed red and grey hair on my facial.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff,

I recently completed Deaf Education graduate program at McDaniel College, so I know pretty much about McDaniel. Yes, all classes are signed by teacher that you would easily understand the classes. You can take summer classes to shorten your time in McDaniel College, since all classes are offered in summer. I went to McDaniel for first time in a summer then stayed throughout fall/spring year and finished with school in next summer. I lived in a room rent which cost me only $475. I suggest you to take CORE classes (required to take before you can take any more graduate classes) in summer, because you can find roommates easily through meeting students there in first summer. You can find two-bedroom apartment for $900 a month or a townhouse of three bedrooms for $1,200 a month. Westminster is a growing city now that has places you would like go to such as Buffalo Wild Wings, PetSmart, mall, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Olive Gardens, etc. You can go to Frederick, Baltimore, and Washington DC for deaf social, too. McDaniel College is a pretty flexible that you can talk with the school for bringing your dog to school with you. Yes, we (students) gather together sometimes. We ate out, visited Gally, had parties, and played cards & board games together. You can fish and hunt in PA since PA is not far from Westminster. I know the Deaf Education program at Lamar University, too. One negative thing about Lamar University is that teachers there do not sign as fluently as teachers sign at McDaniel College. Eddy Laird, a professor at McDaniel College who received his PhD from Lamar University, admitted that the teachers at Lamar University do not sign as fluently as teachers sign at McDaniel. Students are to do many activities and projects for class requirements at McDaniel. McDaniel has been training graduate students in bilingual philosophy for pretty long time comparing to others that McDaniel is pretty familiar with anything that relates to bilingual ed. Gallaudet University just started using the bilingual philosophy in its Deaf Education graduate program. One negative thing about Gallaudet University is that the tution cost there is a way too expensive. Tution cost at McDaniel is much cheaper. There are numerous students in DC choose McDaniel over Gally. There also are numerous students from west coast choose McDaniel over a few schools in the west including San Diego State University. McDaniel sends students to IndianaSD, Learning Center in Boston, CSD-Fremont, TexasSD, Metro Deaf School, AlabamaSDB, KansasSD, and some more bilingual schools for their internships. I am satisfied with my teaching career now, and I thank McDaniel for training me to become a good bilingual teacher. It is wise for you to choose McDaniel. I recommend you to contact Mark Rust at and ask him about the graduate program at McDaniel. He also has a videophone, and you can make an appointment to talk with him on vp. Mark Rust is a CODA, and he is cool to talk with. Others who are reading this are welcome to contact Mark Rust, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Interesting question you pose here. Just to let you know, we run a 6-wk summer program and usually begin the third week of June and end the last week of July.

Hope this helps,
McDaniel College

Anonymous said...

There are a few students who transferred from Lamar University Deaf Education graduate program to McDaniel College Deaf Education graduate program. Those students obtain their master's at McDaniel College. What does that tell you? :)

Lisa said...

I would like to have a website for McDaniel College so I can browse it.

Anonymous said...

I do not like being anonymous on the internet, so I'll introduce myself. My name is Angela Hysen. I am a Deaf student from Canada currently enrolled at McDaniel College. The reason why I chose McDaniel to be "the school for Deaf Education" is because all Deaf Education classes are taught in ASL and very recently, some teachers including Eddy Laird and Mark Rust provide an option or a requirement for the students to do their assignments fully in ASL on video, and in classroom presentation but keep in mind, you are still required to write well. McDaniel college has two requirements to enter this program. One is ASL PI and one is EPE which is the writing assessment. Once you pass the two, you are able to enroll into CORE.
I entered CORE in the summer of 2006 and while it was six weeks of pure hell, other students and myself benefited greatly from it. We learned how to present professionally, to provide support to our arguments, and the diversity in the classroom made us become a little more aware of ourselves within the Deaf Community. CORE also helped the students of the summer to bond throughout the year because we all experienced the same frustrations and confusion.
I pay 500 dollars a month in a house owned by a Deaf person and I drive about 20 minutes to McDaniel. The best place about the location is that you can get to Baltimore, maryland school for the Deaf, DC, PA, in a short period of time. You have the access to many different cities and while westminster itself is very bland, there are many students who would get together and go to Buffalo Wild Wings or travel to Gettysburg or just go out on the town basically. We do have different Deaf events on and off campus but it is mainly the responsibilities of the students to take control of it and often we do.
I'm not sure if I can remember all of your questions but I hope I answered a few.
email me at if you have any questions.

Thank you.

marisa said...

McDaniel Deaf Education program web site:

Also, I recently wrote a blog post about looking for the best bibi graduate programs, with a list of universities. Maybe people would like to discuss these and other universities here or on my xanga blog.

Anonymous said...


You want to take summer classes only. No problem! The summer classes start June 25th this summer. We stay in North Village (dorm but it is like an apartment), and the room expenses are $145 a week for a single room and $107 a week for a double room. North Village apartment has two private bathrooms/showers, a kitchen, a living room, and a cable jack & Internet jack in every room (except bathrooms ha. A 20-meal plan costs $115 a week. Cafeteria also offer plans for fewer meals. If you are a sports freak, I have good news for you. McDaniel College is a summer camp of the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens tend to arrive in second summer session. We ate dinner with Ray Lewis! Heap's wife is unbelievable! Attending McDaniel is a MUST for Deaf Ed candidates.

Carley Carbin said...

Hello, I would advise for you to take a look at and go to weekly news and find Lisa Aikin-Allen, she was interviewing me about McDaniel College (history and why is it a good school to go to). Wish you best of luck to make a decision.

NavyBeagle said...



Anonymous said...
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