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Monday, April 9, 2007

One through Fifteen and Vice Versa in ASL

For this time, I am going to allow Anonymous comments even without my authorization at any time. In exchange, I hope that you will continue paying your respect by posting in an appropriate way. Thanks.


Jac said...

Good one!

Thumb UP!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say your beagle is very pretty. My husband (thinks) he has two beagles, they are supposed to be his hunting dogs, but they are more my dogs than his. There are pictures of him on my website at
Some just after RT was born, he is now almost 2. Molly is the mom and we still have her. I love having dogs.

David said...

COOL, I like that very much.


Anonymous said...

Where is your beard? You look good without it! Happy Vlogging!

Your new vlog friend

Bridget said...

awesome !!!!

LeAnne said...

Hey.. Wheres the goatee of yours

Anonymous said...

Finally you cut off your goat beard off. It look much better. By the way your ASL 1-15 is awesome!

Lisa said...

Cool vlog. ASL students would love it.

Can we adopt your cute dog?

NavyBeagle said...

My Dog:
Thanks for the compliments on my Beagle! I am not going to give him away!

My Goatee:
You can check my most recent posted vlog why I have my goatee shaved off.

Lisa said...

Your dog:

Oh, pleeeease!

Just kidding. I'm an animal lover.

Noah Buchholz said...

I always love 1-15 in ASL. But... you create 1-15 and vice! I'm very impressed by it.

Creative signature move, by the way.


Leigh said...

Your 1 to 15 then 15 to 1 are AWESOMELY CHAMP STORYTELLING...

YES YES you have a charmisma of your VLOGGING storytelling that I enjoyed watching you all the way...

Stay that way who you are...Hope you will be considered to attend WMC one day in near future..

MEOW!! Leigh

P.S. Meow...I am a cat

IamMine said...

Ahha!! So that's you!

I had to work hard to find out about this vlog...dang, can't believe how many good vlogs I've missed out on!

That was awesome!!!

Do more!! :D

And I'll catch 'em this time!!